How To Build Your Own Green Energy System

How To Build Your Own Green Energy System

Green Energy can sometimes be described as energy that can be created by using the earth’s forces of nature to convert them into useable electricity.For example, it can be a relatively simple process to build your own energy efficient hot water heater. This can be done by following some simple instructions, even if you are a novice.

This can also provide you with significant savings on your energy bills.

Many Guides

You would not be wrong in assuming that there are a multitude of different guides and ‘how to’ manuals on the subject. One of the good things about some of these better types of guides is that they have some very simple and easy to follow instructions on how to complete your green energy project.

Save Time

This, of course, is one of the main advantages of looking into the various DIY manuals on the market today, the fact that they will allow you to short circuit the sometimes daunting learning curve when developing your green energy needs.

Same Money

One of the other main advantages is that you can not only save on energy costs (it is not unheard of to save up to 33 percent of your energy costs) but by using the DIY approach then you will save a considerable amount of money instead of hiring a contractor to make your energy efficient system for you.

More Advantages

Some of the additional advantages to having your own green energy system in place are:

They will greatly improve the overall energy efficiency of your house.

They will work in almost any climate.

If installed correctly then they are totally safe to use.

They can be set up very rapidly, even on a weekend.


You will know when you have found a good installation and DIY manual for your energy efficient system when you consider the following:

Can my system be set up for less than one hundred dollars?

Does my green energy guide teach me several different methods to achieve a suitable installation for my environment?

Is the system simple in its construction so I will not need to consult with a rocket scientist?


A few more advantages of a solar powered hot water system is that they are very safe for the environment, safe also for animals and safe for surrounding plants. In fact, one solar hot water system, when installed correctly can help offset as much as 40 percent of the carbon dioxide levels of a standard passenger car.


DIY solar powered hot water systems are becoming increasingly popular because of the rising costs of electricity ‘off the grid’.

I guess that Nicolas Tesla had the right idea all along with his natural power alternatives, it is just a shame that he was ridiculed for his inventions by ‘the establishment’ because they could not exploit the public and make money out of it. His mistake was in telling his financial backers that his dream was to provide FREE power on a worldwide scale.


I trust you have been a little more enlightened with this short introduction to green energy and the next step is for you to take a look at the marketplace to see what various methods are available and pick one that suits your green energy budget.

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